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Commercial vehicle financing

Get your business on track with our commercial vehicle finance.

Comprehensive advice

We believe that advising customers involves much more than just a phone call. That’s why your contact person will be happy to visit you in person.

We have long experience, in-depth knowledge of the industry, and as independent finance experts we cover the full spectrum of manufacturers. We work in partnership with you to develop solutions that are appropriate for your business.

Fast decisions

We understand the challenges of your business. To enable an agile response to changing circumstances, we provide fast decisions and rapid implementation and delivery. This ensures your vehicles are available quickly where you make your money – on the road.

Europe-wide solutions

We know our business – both at home and abroad. Our experienced staff support your investment plans with their regional knowledge and cross-border expertise.

We keep things moving with customised financing options

We understand your business as an SME operating in the transport and logistics sector. This insight enables us to offer customised financing solutions tailored to your needs. Take a look for yourself:

Your financing model – designed to meet your specific needs

Choose between leasing and hire purchase, short term and long term, low or high rental payments or a seasonal rental payment option. Individual options for early termination are also possible. Your requirements define the parameters.

Financial freedom creates flexibility

Our customised contracts give you the financial flexibility you need when making major business decisions. Whether you opt for leasing or hire purchase, we can provide finance for up to 100% of the cost of your vehicle. This means your capital is not tied up, your credit lines are unaffected and your liquidity remains high.

Comprehensive service that is second to none

If you want to insure your new truck or entire fleet at the same time as sorting out the finance, we can offer you a choice of solutions. We can also assist with the sale of your old truck or arrange for you to continue using it when your financing agreement comes to an end.

Long-standing partnerships that pay off

Our advice is built on a philosophy that stresses partnership, commitment and personal service. We aim to establish long-term, trusted relationships by offering transparent agreements, customised solutions and finance that benefits your business.

You decide about the form of financing. We invite you to submit your inquiry or contact us by phone.

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